Be different.

“Don’t let anyone look down on you because you are young, but set an example for the believers in speech, in life, in love, in faith and in purity.”

[1 Timothy 4:12]

I have the immense privilege every Wednesday night to hang out with the coolest 5th and 6th graders around! At the beginning of this school year I got to share with them why #SPLASH56 is so important to me. We looked at 1 Timothy 4:12 which has always been one of my favorite verses and was instrumental in my life when I was their age. Here’s a bit of what I shared, but the rest is reserved for my young friends. 😉

The ‘young’ part…I liked this part, it was the ‘hey you can do this even though you’re in middle school’! So many times we give ourselves excuses about why we can’t do something. It’s partly true, we can’t, but God can. He writes our stories and gives us purpose.

The ‘but’ part (of course it got some giggles)…this is the challenge. BUT set an example – it moves the responsibility from what others are doing to what we need to do. As God’s children, we are chosen and are set apart for His purpose. Being set apart means you will look different – in speech [what we say], in life [how we live]; in love [how we care for others]; in faith [how we trust God]; and in purity [honoring God with our thoughts & actions].

If any of you teach in any capacity you know that God tends to teach you more than you are able to impart of those you are teaching. So I’ve been thinking a lot about the ways God has set me apart and made me different for His purposes. How am I using this platform for God’s glory?

So why do I spend my Wednesday nights with a bunch of 5th and 6th graders? I know how pivotal that time was for me, so I’m honored to hopefully do for these kiddos what others did for me. They’re also some of my best accountability partners, they make me want to do my life well. Well that and they truly are the coolest kids around! 🙂

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Maxed Out


At least that’s what this time assessment told me. But I knew it. I mean I knew I was burning the candle on both ends. The dark circles under my eyes, my weekend to do lists that become week to weekend to week to do lists, to the 27 cups of coffee a day… 🙂

I read an amazingly convicting book this weekend, The Best Yes, by Lysa TerKeurst. It hit me between the eyes and at the same time challenged me. So many times I justify all my ‘maxed out’ times as them all being good things, really really good things. And I use the phrase ‘that’s what this period of my life is for’. That’s partly right. This is a season of my life where I have certain freedoms related to time and they all are really good things. But the challenge of the book was to find those best things. The things which tug at your heart and are the right fit at the right season.

I know this is where I need to camp for awhile. Figuring out my best things, the things which tug at my heart and that God designed me to do. I have some ideas as to what these might include, but even then I may have too many best yeses, hence the camping. 😉

“Never is a woman so fulfilled as when she chooses to underwhelm her schedule so God can overwhelm her soul.”


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The Secret Ingredient…

Well, I turned 25 last week.  Yup, a quarter of a century!  No age crisis here, I’m good with it!  I am abundantly blessed and feel God has allowed me to fill those 25 years well.  Traveled to some cool places…17 years of schooling…starting a career…buying a car…learning to walk & talk…  Not to mention the many, many friends and family who I have been blessed to get to know and do life with at some point.  But, there’s one thing I haven’t done yet and it receives the most questions of anything in my life.  You’re right, skydiving.  Ok, ok, just kidding.  I mean I haven’t gone skydiving, but that’s an easy answer…heights & I don’t get along well.  No, I’m referring to being in a relationship/having a boyfriend/whatever you choose to call it.  🙂

While the questions are numerous I try not to despise them.  Rather I choose to see them as an opportunity to share what God has taught and is teaching me in this area.  I definitely don’t have a secret ingredient per se, but here are some of the nuggets I hold to…

“It is a safe thing to trust Him to fulfill the desire which He creates.”  {Amy Carmichael}

“A woman’s heart should be so hidden in God that a man has to seek Him just to find her.”  {Maya Angelou}

“Imagine a man so focused on God that the only reason he looked up to see you is because he heard God say, ‘that’s her’.”  {Unknown}

“Our willingness to wait reveals the value we place on the object we’re waiting for.”  {Charles Stanley}

The book, When God Writes Your Love Story by Eric & Leslie Ludy.  I have read this book every year since I was given it by a dear friend.  It has been instrumental.  I have a copy for me and another copy I loan to anyone who says they’ll read it.  🙂

I know God has had a purpose for the 25 years of singleness.  I’ve learned so much and have been able to use this story God is writing me.  Maybe He has more years for me to continue along this path or maybe this year I’ll switch paths.  Either way God has written me a unique story, as He has for each of us, which we [can] need to use to hopefully encourage others and point them to His story for their lives.

Bottom line answer…it’s not my story to write.  🙂

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Why there are Cracker Jack and a baseball bat in my car…

The first time I saw a superhero movie was in high school and that was only under the constant persuasion of a friend.  I can only build lego creations with a picture in front of me and I’m much better at playing house than cop & robber.  I grew up with sisters, so my knowledge of ‘boy’ things wasn’t as sharp as others.  I always wanted a brother, but God knew we’d probably drive each other crazy living day-by-day together so instead I have a cumulation of encounters to count as brothers-whom I didn’t have to share a bathroom with.

It has been in recent months when I’ve realized how much of a role these encounters became in my life.  They range from cousins, to brothers of my friends, to a brother-in-adopted-law, to mentors, to youth pastor, to acquaintances, to teachers, to church family, to personal friends…all men and boys God placed in my life to teach me.  They’ve taught me that it’s ok to compromise and play Barbies today as long as we play KNEX tomorrow.  They’ve taught me that to be tough means to be breakable.  They’ve taught me resilience as I dug volleyball spike after spike after spike.  They’ve taught me that my thoughts are valuable and worth something to a conversation.  They’ve taught me it’s ok to be smart and knowledgeable.  They’ve taught me how to guard my heart.  They’ve told me that women’s intuition is real and can be counted.  They’ve made me laugh until it hurts.  They’ve allowed me to be a teammate on and off the volleyball court.  They’ve showed me what it means to do what you’re passionate for.  They’ve encouraged me and inspired me.  They’ve given me confidence and built me up.  They’ve reinforced the fact that God made us male and female for a reason.

Note: God blessed me beyond belief with an amazing dad, an outstanding Grandpa, and a legacy through many uncles of another terrific Grandpa.  So, I was not deficient in any way of male influence, but the others were all extra blessings.

So, why the Cracker Jack and baseball bat???  Well, this past week we had an event called “Going to Bat for Her”.  Dads, grandpas, uncles, cousins, brothers, and teachers were invited to come play wiffle ball (though we got rained out) with their elementary girls.  Hoping our guests were reminded of the importance of their role and that the girls would see those they’ve been gifted with.  Guys, the role you play is so vital and important in the lives of your sisters, nieces, daughters, friends, cousins, etc.  Girls, let them go to bat for you, they’re good at it.

So, while I wish I could bring each of you a bag of Cracker Jack and thank you for being such good stewards of the role you had in my life I can’t (distance happens and I’m almost out of bags).  But, thank you.  As a girl, knowing I have so many willing to “go to bat for me” is a comfort and deep, deep fear (healthy of course) in ever bringing a guy around.  😉

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When is it ok to be here?

…Here [noun]: in this place; at this point or stage; now

Has anyone else ever felt at times that life must be a staircase?  Each “here” we’re at is only a step to the next here.  Elementary school to middle school to high school to college to career/job to marriage to parenthood…on and on.  Being a goal seeker this made sense to me.  The illustration I held was fueled by the questions I was asked and my own striving.  Though the questions are still coming (I’ve learned to deal with this), I’m leaning towards a new illustration.

You see by being on a staircase it was always a struggle to be “here” and enjoy “here”.  There were parts of each stage I loved and others I didn’t (except middle school-blocked that all out).  I’m fully confident each step flew by way too fast, but that was how God designed it.  I mean, if I stayed in college any longer I would have needed some serious dark circles under the eyes remover.  I’m starting to wonder though if life isn’t so much about striving for the next step, but being “here”-all here-right where God has you.

Maybe instead of a staircase, a hallway.  A hallway on the same level where you are.  There are doors open and doors closed.  Some parts of the hall don’t even have doors, just walls.  A hallway…where it’s not so much about the next step but about being actively content.  Now, don’t get me wrong…I’m only 23 so I have more steps in my life: career moves; housing situation; relationships; marriage; family; dreams to accomplish.  Some of these are closer than others, open doors on the hall if you will, but I don’t feel a push to go through them this minute.  Rather, I’m here.  In this place; at this stage; right now…where God has me.  Until He tells me to move…I’m here.

“If I need to be still…give me peace for the moment.”

“I’d be packing my bags when I need to stay.”


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Christmas Thoughts…

…all presents are bought, wrapped and underneath the tree.  I sit here immersed in some of the greatness of Christmas…the tree is lit, candles burning, and hot cocoa in hand.  The things of Christmas and the story of Christmas never grow old for me.

This Christmas I’ve been focused on Mary in the story.  Maybe it’s because I’m teaching two year olds and I’m reminded of the simplicity of this miraculous story…or maybe it’s because I’m leading my elementary group of girls through some of the great women in the Bible…or maybe it’s more personal hoping I can identify with Mary’s heart.  Have you ever considered what could have been going through her head though?  We’re given a glimpse of it in Scripture…it says Mary was ‘troubled at [the angel’s] words’…she  questioned ‘how will this be’.  I wonder if she wondered what others would think, or how she’d be a suitable mother to the King of Kings, or why me, or what if I say no…but in the end Mary said yes.

“I am the Lord’s servant,” Mary answered.  “May your word to me be fulfilled.”  Luke 1:38

As I challenged the elementary girls and myself…what would it look like to follow in Mary’s footsteps?  To say yes to God and with no holding back, seek to be His servant.  I love this song {below} and especially the lyrics, “The only thing my heart can offer is a vacancy.  I’m just a girl nothing more, but I am willing, I am yours”.  May this be the desire of our hearts this Christmas…to be His…His servant and His host.

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The million dollar question…

Well, the 2012 Olympics are over.  As an avid Olympic fan I have to take the opportunity to blog about the Olympics one more time.  That is until Russia in 2 and Rio in 4.  🙂  The question every interviewer and sportscaster is asking…will Phelps return to compete in Rio???  I do have to admit I teared up just a teeny tiny bit during his last swim and medal ceremony.  However, I think I’ll side with Michael on this one and agree that he won’t be back in Rio to compete.  No worries, my friends this isn’t going to be an entire blog about Michael Phelps.  But, it seems his passion to competitively swim is gone thus his ‘retirement’.

I’ve met some extremely passionate people in my life.  Some are passionate about certain areas in life: career paths, ministry, interests, people.  While others I would describe as passionate people, but it’s not contained to one area.  I am always fueled by being around these people and reminded of the importance of re-checking the passion-odometer in my life.

Are you a passionate person?  What for?  Is it sports, your job, changing the world?  How are you currently actively living in your passion?  What are we pursuing in life-shouldn’t it be something we’re passionate for?  Are we working towards that end?

These questions have resurfaced lately and I’m excited to re-answer them in my current life stage.  What I’d love to hear from you all is…what are your passions?  How have you developed them and lived in them?

Passion can take you a long way.  With it you can become the most decorated Olympian and without it you don’t move on to Rio*.

*Not to underestimate the importance of hard work, skill, etc.  And of course in this specific example gene pools.  🙂


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